unter rabbit-hole.eu 5. Installation. Beachten Sie die Installationsvorschriften für das Errichten von Nieder- spannungsanlagen gemäß DIN VDE. sensoren version m files elv com. Fri, 11 Jan GMT sensoren version m files elv pdf - Für den. Betrieb von EnOcean-, wireless M-Bus und. fritz box cable files elv com. Thu, 17 Jan GMT fritz box cable files pdf - View and. Download Fritz! Box cable installation and. Fixed rare error in world map coords. Fixed issue which caused lion könig MicroBar position to cricket365.tv misplaced during combat. This is for developers of plugins for ElvUI. 6 über 49 Blizzard Forbidden Nameplates not spawning in the world when Nameplate module was enabled. This will flash on the inside of the slot, based on the slots border color. Overview of the End-of-Life-Vehicle Directive regulation: Added Tranquility channel ticks Fixed an issue which prevented the frame glow being shown on a UnitFrame with the Frame Orientation set to right Online casino dealer review an issue that sometimes the chat scrollBars where not hidden properly. Disabling it will remove the backdrop completely and only show text. Fixed issue which caused items in the bag to not update correctly after sorting. Fixed issue with range checking on retribution paladins below lvl

Global Reach Intertek is the industry leader with over 42, people in 1, locations in over countries. Whether your business is local or global, we can ensure your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world.

Automotive End of Life ELV Compliance Requirements ELV automobile end-of-life compliance for automotive related industries, including engines, components, engineering and certification activities.

Overview of the End-of-Life-Vehicle Directive regulation: Lead as an alloying element: Batteries to be labelled or identified Vibration dampers to be labelled or identified Wheel balance weights: Only for vehicles type-approved before 1 July and wheel balance weights intended for servicing of these vehicles, Until 1 July to be labelled or identified Vulcanising agents and stabilisers for elastomers in fluid handling and powertrain applications Until 1 July Stabiliser in protective paints Until 1 July Carbon brushes for electric motors: Copper in brake linings containing more than 0.

Vehicles type approved before 1 July and servicing on these vehicles 1 July to be labelled or identified Valve seats: Annex I describes minimum technical requirements any treatment facility need to adhere to.

These are standards on buildings, premises and installations primarily designed to avoid fluids to be released to the soil. The second part covers the physical treatment procedure.

Annex I distinguishes between operations for de-pollution and treatment operations to promote recycling. The first one, obligates treatment facilities to drain the ELV from all fluids, to remove components which are marked as being hazardous e.

The second one mandates the removal of certain components e. For the consumer the primary focus of the ELV Directive is the responsibility of any given producer to take back the vehicles it has introduced on the market.

The obligation does not mandate the producer to physically do it on his own, but rather allows for networks the producer can set up with various treatment companies or by joining a collective system.

The collection systems need to fulfill the criteria of adequate area coverage. Indispensable is the general mandate to arrange take-back at no cost to the last owner of the ELV, however, two exemptions are possible.

If the vehicles lacks essential components or contains waste, the facility which takes the vehicle back is allowed to charge the last holder.

While some markets favour collective systems, other markets have decided to allow own marque schemes. The first is characterised by one company organising the collection network on behalf of its members, typically the producers.

The later is organised by the producer directly through bi-lateral relationships and contracts. Collective systems often go hand in hand with a deposit the first owner of a vehicle provides as collateral to be paid out when the vehicle is returned to a certified treatment facility at the end of its useful life.

The other alternative is a fund system which requires either first owner or producer to pay a certain amount of money to. Fund money is not committed to vehicle return, but either used to finance other recycling projects or is even sunk in government budgets without any environmental impact or benefit.

Vehicle recycling under such strict legal framework requires constant and palpable communication to stakeholders.

To measure the actual performance of the countries, targets were defined with the ELV Directive. The targets are to be calculated based on the average weight of a single vehicle per year.

While recycling is primarily defined as material processing with the purpose to use the material for the same or for a similar purpose, recovery is defined as incineration to generate energy.

The countries have to report the annual performance to the EU Commission. Tweaked default settings for aura filter priority lists based on feedback from users.

Added skin for NewPetAlertFrame. Removed caching of HandleModifiedItemClick to allow hooks to fire from other addons. The enabled state of a Style Filter for nameplates is now stored in your profile instead of being global.

Added "Role" to Style Filter triggers. Your current role has to match this before a filter is activated.

If no role is selected then it will ignore this trigger and try to activate. Added "Class" to Style Filter triggers. You can select which classes and specs this filter should activate for.

Your current class and spec has to match this before a filter is activated. If no spec is selected then it will only match class.

Added "blockNonPersonal" special filter for aura filtering. Combine this filter with a whitelist in order to only see your own spells from this whitelist.

Changed various default settings for aura filtering in order to lessen the confusion for users. Added Veiled Argunite to Currencies datatext.

Disabled the "Boss" Style Filter by default. Fixed issue which broke the Ace3 config of other addons. Reverted some changes to Profiles section of ElvUI.

Added "Style Filters" to NamePlates, allowing you to perform various actions on specific units that match your chosen filter settings.

Added a new aura filtering system to NamePlates and UnitFrames. This new system is much more advanced and should allow you to set up the filters exactly how you want them.

Added enhanced target styles for NamePlates. A cool glow and arrows have been added, along with the ability to change their color. Added mouseover highlight to the NamePlates.

Added movement speed datatext. This will use the least amount of spacing needed. Abeline Added Portrait option to NamePlates. This was also added as an action in style filters.

Fixed an error when entering combat while game is minimized. Fixed scaling of the Leave Vehicle button on the minimap. Hekili Fixed Bagbar buttons border size.

Rubgrsch Fixed error when switching profile while having player unitframe disabled. Fixed issue which caused unitframe tags containing literals to use OnUpdate instead of their assigned events.

Martin Fixed issue which could break actionbar paging when the code contained the new-line character n Misc.

Updated a lot of skins. Rubgrsch Artifact DataBar tooltip will now show the artifact name and only show points to spend when you can actually spend some.

Default chat bubbles can now use the ElvUI chat bubble font unless it was disabled. Removed "Hide In Instance" option for chat bubbles.

Changed the max font size for General Font to a softmax. You can manually input a value higher than the slider allows. The default color in ElvUI has been changed to match the new logo.

Restructured the UnitFrame sections of the ingame config. It now uses tabs instead of the often overlooked dropdown. Added shortcut buttons to the ActionBars and UnitFrames main pages.

Fixed rare error in world map coords. Simpy Fixed "script ran too long" error when jumping from Skyhold to Dalaran. Fixed a few "attempt to access forbidden object" errors relating to tooltip.

Fixed error in reagent bank caused by trying to index a missing questIcon object. Invalid tags on unitframes will now display the used tag text instead of [invalid tag].

Probably not complete, community will need to provide feedback and fill in the blanks. Merathilis Units in different phases will now always have their unitframe be displayed as out of range.

Various skin tweaks and fixes. Fixed issue with display of total cast time on the player castbar when crafting multiple of the same item. Fixed issue which caused ElvUI to re-enable chat bubbles when the user had disabled them in Interface Options.

Alerts created by other addons using the WoW alert system will now follow the growth direction shown on the Alert Frame mover. Fixed issue which prevented ready check icons from displaying correctly.

Updated our DebugTools code to work with the new 7. Fixed issue which broke coloring of Runes. This is for developers of plugins for ElvUI.

With the oUF update some elements have been renamed. This means your references to these elements need to be renamed in your code too. Added option to toggle chatbubbles off while in a dungeon or raid instance.

Fixed issue which prevented the classbar from showing partial soul shards for destruction warlocks. Various skin tweaks by Merathilis. Updated the unitframe framework "oUF" to latest version.

Blizzard has made chat bubbles in dungeons and raids protected, meaning we cannot modify them at all. This means chat bubbles will have the default look while you are in a dungeon or raid instance Garrison included.

There is nothing we can do about this, addons are no longer able to modify them under those circumstances. Fixed error when mousing over the Order Hall datatext.

Prevent weird error in cooldowns. Added localization to datatext selection in the config. Fixed some tooltip taints brought on by patch 7.

Fixed issue which broke "relic" search keyword. Fixed some inconsistencies with the ElvUI chat history. Kelebek Fixed issue which could cause an invisible frame to block clicks when the minimap was moved out of the topright corner.

Fixed AP calculation for items with very high values for Asian clients. Fixed unitframe range check for demonology warlocks between lvl 10 and Simplified skinning of chat bubbles with new API.

Added callback system for ElvUI modules in order to preserve stack trace when an error occurs. Added option to display custom currencies in the main Currencies datatext tooltip.

The option can be found for each individual custom currency added. Fixed some issues with the updated Objective Tracker skinning. Fixed issue which prevented some broker addons from being available as datatext in ElvUI.

Added Legionfall War Supplies to Currencies datatext. Added option to exclude names from Class Color Mentions. Options can be found in the Chat section.

Fixed display of the rep DataBar for paragon factions. It will now correctly count from 0. Fixed issue with AP calculation in bags for items which granted less than AP.

Fixed Class Color Mention in emotes. A few skin fixes by Rubgrsch. Added Cyrillic support to the Expressway font. Added Prestige level to the Honor DataBar tooltip.

Removed requirement to hold down Shift in order to move the Interface Options frame. Added a separate "Border Color" option for UnitFrames.

Prevent rare error in chat bubbles. Simpy Prevent error in tooltip when changing spec while mousing over something.

Fixed AP calculation in bags for some items that contained a different number in one of the last lines of the tooltip.

Fixed issue which prevented item borders in bags from updating when opening the bank. Fixed issue which prevented item buttons in bank from updating on first show.

Fixed a potential error in the oUF stagger element by adding a fallback value. Fixed an issue which caused the power: Fixed a display issue with the honor reward icon at certain prestige levels.

As a downside it will not look as crisp as it used to. Fixed AP calculation in bags for Korean and Chinese clients. Removed border color restriction when using the Thin Border Theme.

Fixed display issue with the Micro Bar. Fixed issue with AP calculation in bag. It should now find items that it previously did not. Fixed a division by zero error in the Reputation DataBar.

Fixed issue which prevented Mythic Keystone from being sorted. Skinned the new Contribution frame. The Artifact DataBar tooltip will now display numbers in groupings 1.

Fixed error when trying to import invalid profile table. Fixed issue which prevented actionbutton icons from updating. Fixed error caused by attempt to skin non-existent options for Mac.

Fixed the "Darken Inactive" setting for stance bar. The friendly nameplates in dungeons and raids are currently broken. While in a dungeon or raid instance the default WoW nameplates are supposed to be active.

There is no easy fix for it, as the issue is with how the nameplate module was initially written. For the time being you will have to either play without friendly nameplates in those situations, or disable the ElvUI NamePlates module and use a dedicated addon for NamePlates.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Implemented changes to support the new patch 7. Made various skin tweaks according to latest FrameXML changes.

Because of a change Blizzard made to friendly nameplates in 7. If you use friendly nameplates in those situations then you will notice that they use the default WoW style.

There is nothing we can do about that. Added a "Size Override" option for individual spells in the Buff Indicator filters. Added a font outline option for chatbubbles.

Added a toggle option for auto-closing of the pet battle combat log. Added new [target] unitframe tags which will display the name of the target of the unit: Fixed an error that could happen when adding new spells to the Buff Indicator filters.

Fixed non-relic keyword search. The "power" keyword will once again only find items that grant AP. Fixed friendly unitframe range check for resto druids.

Fixed issue which caused raid icons on nameplates to not update properly unless targeted. Updated unitframe range check for druids to use spells that are learned earlier.

Added some ToV debuffs to the RaidDebuffs filter. Added new visibility options for the Player NamePlate. These options should function the same regardless of whether or not you have "Use Static Position" enabled.

They can be found in the NamePlates General Options. Added font and font-outline options to DataBars. Added font-outline option to tooltip healthbar.

Added toggle option for display of targeted nameplate health bar. If this is disabled then the current targeted nameplate will not display a healthbar if Health is disabled for this unit type.

Fixed issue with ObjectiveTracker toggle button showing incorrect value. Fixed issue which caused the Blizzard PartyMemberBackground frame to show up when it should not.

Fixed "relic" keyword search in bags. Fixed AP calculation display issue for values over 1 million. Fixed issue which incorrectly caused Debuff Highlighting to be active for mages.

Fixed error when trying to import a profile from another addon Vuhdo for example. ElvUI will now handle the error gracefully and inform you that the import string is incorrect.

This requires that you supply the path to the config page as a comma-separated list. The path needs to match the table structure of the config exactly in code, not as displayed ingame.

Inverted heal absorb display and removed option to change it. Added heal absorb display to the heal prediction module. Color can be changed in the UnitFrames section of the config.

Added option to control heal prediction overflow. This will allow the textures to grow past the health border. Added option to invert heal absorb display.

This will make heal absorb cover a portion of the health instead of extending it. Fixed error when opening fullscreen worldmap while in combat in the Order Hall.

Fixed width of nameplate auras when not using Thin Border style. Fixed issue which prevented upgrade icons from Pawn to show on items in bags.

Added display of upgrade icon in the skinned version of the default bags. Fixed unitframe range check for new warlocks below lvl Added support for up to 10 combo points on the player unitframe class bar Rogues.

Updated all used libraries to latest versions. New unitframe tag [health: Jacob Demian Bug Fixes: Fixed issue which caused editbox position to not update correctly when changing profile.

Fixed issue which caused AFK mode to not update correctly when changing profile. Fixed issue which may have allowed the AFK screen to re-appear after the option was disabled.

Fixed a compatibility issue with DejaCharacterStats addon. The AFK screen should no longer appear if the character is casting something crafting.

Fixed error in Garrison skin when the addon GarrisonCommander was enabled. The DPS datatext will no longer count overkill damage.

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